Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waiting Patiently(?) in Talkeetna

Team Ice Agers drove up to Talkeetna this morning with great hopes of flying into base camp today. The weather in the Alaska range has been un cooperative lately, and today was no different. Late last night and early this morning several flights were able to get from Talkeetna to base camp, and many climbers who have been waiting for up to 5 days were thrilled to finally catch a flight either in or out of the mountain. By mid afternoon the clouds were settling back in and the flights were put on weather hold, it hasn't improved yet. The forecast is still looking good for tomorrow, and our first high pressure and blue skies are supposed to appear tomorrow.

They settled in to rooms in Talkeetna for the night, and will get up tomorrow and hope to see the sun. They are first on the list to fly in with our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi, so they could go in right away if the weather is nice.

You can watch the live web-cam of the Alaska Range that the climbers and pilots watch to see the weather and views of the range from Talkeetna. There is a link to the right for the TAT Webcamp, and the NOAA forecasts for Denali.

You can also check out a video/slideshow that we made from last season to see what it looks like up there a bit.


  1. Talked to Art this morning from Talkeetna & said the he & the team were in good spirits. They do hope to get to base camp today and as Bill posted they are in good shape to get on a flight as long as the weather cooperates. Karen H.

  2. Talked to Art via Satellite phone and they were successful getting the flight into base camp! They are now just waiting for a couple of the guides to get there too...Karen