Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp 1, 7,800 ft

The guys did great today (Monday) and made the move from Camp 1 to base camp. The snowy weather of the last few weeks is has finally moved on and they had a beautiful day yesterday. They got up very early in the morning on Monday to travel in the coldest time of day before the snow softened up in the afternoon. It is about 5 miles from base camp to Camp 1 up the Kahiltna Glacier. The elevation gain is pretty small, they really only gain about 600 vertical ft, but there is a bit of up and down, and it's hard work carrying a pack and hauling a sled up the glacier.

They've settled in for the night now, and here's the evening call from our guide Luke.

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  1. Art called and said that the team would be moving supplies and cache them at a little over 10,000ft. They will come back to Camp 1 and try for Camp 2 later tomorrow; weather permitting of course. He said that everyone was doing well....Karen H.