Friday, June 4, 2010

Ice Agers Bios

Hi, team.....thought it would be fun to post the climbers bios for all to see. It would be great if the rest of the team would email me their bios & I`ll post them. They can be formatted however you want. We'll also include guides bios as time permits.

Climber name: Bob Baker
Age: 66

From: Anacortes WA (Pacific NW)

Occupation: Underemployed Realtor

Personal note: Been playing in wild places since childhood. Started climbing in 1984 with my son, led to rock & ice climbing in NY Adirondacks, then mountaineering. Became fascinated with Denali after climbing a few 14`ers in CO. in `80`s & `90`s.

My favorite climbs have been a winter ascent of Mountaineer`s route on Longs Peak, Mt Sanford in the St Elias Range & of course my Denali attempts...up to the fixed lines.

I am thrilled at having this opportunity with MT. Love their approach, good vibes all around. See you soon in Anchorage, team!

Climber name: Art Huseonica
Age: 59

From: Originally Homer City, Pennsylvania; currently Crofton, Maryland
Occupation: Contingent Associate Professor and Warehouse Manager.
Personal Note: I’m retired from the U.S. Navy and higher education. Currently, I teach part-time for University of Maryland University College. To help stay in shape, I’m the warehouse manager at

An avid extreme sports enthusiast, I've skydived at the Florida Spacecoast and Virginia's Dismal Swamp dive centers, raced bicycles for the Melbourne Florida Velodromes, paddled for the Honolulu Outrigger Canoe Team, and flew hot air balloons in Maryland. With numerous climbs in North and South America, this puts me at my current climbing endeavor. What's after Denali? - learn how to dance for my son Patrick's wedding.

Climber name: Tony Scheuller
Age: 65
I have wanted to climb Denali for a long time. I was in the Air National Guard in Reno Nevada and we deployed to Alaska many times but never had the time to really visit the Mountain. With this trip I look forward to learning the Mountain with gusto.

I was born in Ely Nevada but grew up and went to school in Reno Nevada. Except for my travels in the military I have pretty much been a Nevada boy. I look forward to meeting you all and consider this a once in a lifetime adventure.

Other climbers include Shlomo Waser and Pierre Godart.

Lead guide: David Marchi

I grew up in Mt. Shasta, CA where I was exposed to backcountry skiing and the big mountain environment at an early age. After attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, I longed for an outside job and began working as a mountaineering guide for Shasta Mountain Guides in 1999. Since then I have guided in Nepal, Indonesia, India and South America. In Alaska, I have guided trips on Denali and work as a helicopter ski guide for Chugach Powder Guides. In 2005, I was part of an international team implementing avalanche and safety protocols for a new ski development in Kashmir, India.

With my AMGA Ski Mountaineering training, Wilderness First Responder and AIARE Avalanche training I have collected a lot of experience and can provide climbers with challenging and fun adventures.

Currently, my wife, Petit, and I are traveling in a converted Ambulance/RV that runs off of waste veggie oil promoting our joint guiding business Globallines. As we travel we present fresh slideshows of inspiring images that remind people of their choices in life. Believing that our world is at the tipping point, we encourage our guests to awaken to the possibilities of their life and how they treat the environment.

Climbing guide Kelly Marie Ryan

Kelly Marie grew up skiing and climbing in the San Juan Mountains. She has been guiding since 2004 in a variety of disciplines including mountain climbing, ice climbing, sea and river kayaking, and wilderness therapy. Kelly Marie has also worked on ski patrol at Crystal Mountain, WA and holds Avalanche II, Outdoor Emergency Care, Wilderness First Responder, and Leave No Trace Instructor certifications.

Her personal adventures include a three month climbing trip in Greenland supported by kayak, a four month solo horse trip in Argentina, sailing trips from the east coast to Greenland and Puerto Rico, and extended backpacking trips in the Aleutian Islands and Bolivia. Kelly Marie has also skied and climbed throughout the US and is pursuing AMGA certification. She attended Colorado College graduating with a BA in History and Political Science and a Minor in Journalism. This spring Kelly Marie climbed Denali’s West Buttress with her father as well as the Cassin Ridge.

Other guides include Caitlin Hague, Bill Dwyer III, and Jason Buttrick.


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  2. Hello everyone,
    I'm getting anxious to start on our expedition. While I've climbed several mountains in North and South America (Ecuador), including Denali, it still remains my pivotal climbing goal.
    I'm working on a Blog article about our challenging mountain. Plus, Mountain Trip's Todd Rutledge is preparing us a nice route map that I'll include in the article so that our family and friends and follow our progress.
    Art H

  3. Hello Ice Agers, My name is Kelly Marie Ryan and I have the good fortune of being one of your guides on this upcoming adventure. I am impressed and excited about all your pre trip enthusiasm. The days are flying by and our climb is getting close. I am headed down to Seward for a few days to spend some time with friends from my sea kayaking days before heading back to Anchorage to start packing. I look forwards to climbing with you all.

    See you soon


  4. Hi Kelly Marie,
    It's great to hear from you in our Blog. As I packed my gear bags today and the 15 pounds of snack food; oops, you didn't 'hear' that, I'm starting to get nervoussssslllllyyyyy excited. See ya soon. Art H.