Friday, June 25, 2010

Carry around Windy Corner

The team is cruising right along and had another beautiful day. The guide team carried a load of food and fuel up to Camp 3 at 14,200 ft while the rest of the climbers and guides made a slightly more leisurely carry to 13,500 ft, just around "Windy Corner". It didn't live up to it's name today as they had beautiful weather and very light winds. They have been very lucky with the weather so far on their trip, hopefully that can hold out for another 8-9 days. Everyone is doing very well and having a good time together.

Here's Bill Dwyer with the evening call. He looses the signal on the sat phone towards the end, but you can listen to the introduction anyhow.

Bob and Art left the expedition and came down to basecamp with a couple of the guides. They are fine, but were done with the trip. They are on the way home by now.

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  1. Continue to climb high my friends. I'm back in Maryland, still ill but excited for you guys. Bob and I flew off the glacier, from a much higher point above base camp, which was quite exciting. Cheers, Art H.