Monday, June 21, 2010

Base Camp

The team flew in to base camp this morning, and got right to work. Jason, Kelly, and Luke (guides) carried a load up to camp 1 this afternoon, and returned back to base camp. David and Bill spent the day in base camp with the rest of the team reviewing some of the skills they will need to travel up the Kahiltna glacier tomorrow.

They'll get an early start tomorrow to beat the heat of the day on the lower glacier. It's not uncommon for teams to travel at night for the first few days of the trip to take advantage of a firmer, frozen glacier surface instead of the soft snow of the afternoon.

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  1. Heard from Art (team member) that they were leaving base camp this morning and heading to Camp 1. He said it was clear, a little breezy & cold but getting sunny. The cold part is fine w/ him! Karen H.