Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to civilization.

They are all back in Anchorage tonight after a long day. They left from camp last night and traveled down to base camp by early this morning. After a couple of hours of rest next to the runway the planes came in to bring them back to Talkeetna. They spent a couple of hours in Talkeetna eating, then drove to Anchorage, settled into their hotel rooms, then went out to eat again.

Everyone is happy and exhausted, and probably hungry again by now.

Congratulations to all the climbers, they didn't summit, but they certainly gave it a good effort. Welcome home!

Here's the call from Shlomo this morning from base camp.


  1. The effort is what mountain climbing is all about. Glad to hear that everyone is safely back in civilization... which is in someways more dangerous than being on Denali with some great guides. A toast to you guys! Best regards, Art H.

  2. Fellas, if the Mountain Trip 2011 expedition dates work out OK with my job, I'll be signing up for next year's climb. Art H 410-721-5048