Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something New and Different!!

Here at Mountain Trip, we have a long history of thinking outside the box. We led the first hang glider descent of the mountain in 1976, the first all-women team in 1983, the first guided dogsled accessed ascent in 2007 and we are at it again!

A Denali expedition begins long before the climbers load up in their ski plane for the 45 minute flight to Base Camp. Months of preparation are required to assemble the appropriate equipment and to prepare yourself for the physical rigors of a Denali climb. We are therefore inviting the expedition team members to post their own thoughts, insights and personal commentary to provide the reader of this blog a fuller view of what is involved with a Denali expedition.

Historically, expedition dispatches are written by the guide service, which affords us the opportunity to paint the experience in colors of our choosing (rosy and fun!). We feel confident enough of our program that we are opening up the editorial process to our climbers as well. You, the reader, can learn from their experience and will hopefully come away with a more well rounded picture of the trip than if we simply give you "our version."


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  1. I'll be carrying my own satellite phone to keep my stateside basecamp manager Karen Carlsen updated. I'm sure that she'll be making posts to give my own 'version' of the expedition. I'm still unsure of our capability to transmit photos.

    I've been following the teams already on the mountain and making note of their fun times and the challenges as they progress up the mountain.

    We'll soon have a route map posted in this Denali Ice Agers Blog so that our family and friends can follow along once we land on the glacier, June 19th.

    Until later, Art Huseonica, Denali Ice Agers team member, Maryland, USA